12 Tips to Take Better Notes with Microsoft OneNote

The internet is full of really useful articles and information and yet it is also full of things that are not….well, useful. However came across this article on Microsoft OneNote – if you are using it, then a definite informative read.

It takes you through the following topics

  1. Quick Notes — The Center Piece for Better Notetaking
  2. Pin Quick Notes to the Desktop
  3. Access Your OneNote Pages with Shortcuts
  4. Take Linked Notes
  5. Take Quick Notes with Only Your Voice
  6. Email Notes to Yourself
  7. Send to OneNote from Chrome
  8. Take Notes from the Edge
  9. Take Screen Clips and Annotate
  10. Taking Notes with the Natural Ease of a Stylus
  11. The Quickest Way — Office Lens
  12. OneNote and Outlook Work Together

Original article can be found here

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