Your failures do not define you but rather they explain you


Let’s face it. We all have set backs. You feel a great urge to set out on a new and undefined path. Maybe your circumstances have dictated the timing of it, such as a redundancy, troubles at work etc. Maybe the timing is just because you feel that greater things can be achieved or you spot an opportunity. Maybe this thing you reach out to get is a major life changing events or maybe not. It could just be a different process or way of doing things with the aim of becoming more productive or effective. So you set your course.

You line up all your efforts, ideas and energy and reach out. Maybe this means that you have to burn a bridge or two, such as employment or relationship commitments. However it is a price worth paying and so you press on.

At times, people achieve great things and there are so many success stories. Other times however you do not succeed. You had set your course and set sail but had not seen the storm. You walked that undefined path only to realise it was much harder than you anticipated and now you realise why the path did not exist in the first place. It is a jungle out there and you feel a complete failure. You feel shame.
If only you had not burned your bridge. That is one way of looking at it of course but another; as the song goes “I get knocked down but I get up again.” You see, your failure does not define you but it explains you. The difference? I could say that I am such a failure. Or I failed in my venture, but I have learned a great deal from it. I have become stronger in character and stature. I have become more rounded and resilient. I will be back and next time stronger. So don’t let it define you, don’t let yourself be labelled. Don’t label yourself either.
Did you know that Walt Disney worked for the Kansas City Journal newspaper as a political cartoonist. He was fired by the editor as “He was not creative enough”. So clearly he did not let his setback define him. He is of course not the only one in the realm of modern-day people who were not defined by their failures. The list of people in various walks of life, is endless. The point is that when you get knocked down by life, you get up again. Whatever you do, do not let it define you. It might explain you but only because you learned from it, and you pressed on. Yes you may have failed in something or lost something but that does not mean you are a failure or a loser.
So Keep Calm and Press On!

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